Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from Monika and Yoko ("32 Days of Movies")

When I wrapped "32 Days of Movies" in November, I knew that the project was not quite finished. Now it is.

I have added four entirely new film clips to the series, bringing the grand total up to 370. One is a movie I've owned for years but initially forgot. The others are recent acquisitions, including a December 20 DVD release which helps conclude the final chapter.

Click on any of the screen-caps below and you'll jump to the video page. Check out the appropriate timecode for the clip in question.


This opens Chapter 10

This appears at 3:45 in Chapter 32

This appears at 4:25 in Chapter 25

This opens Chapter 2

I have also switched the clip for the following. And yes, I know it's spelled wrong (but I'll bet you didn't until I mentioned it...)

This appears at 3:35 in Chapter 20

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