Monday, June 8, 2015

The Ballad of Willy Loman: a visual tribute to Death of a Salesman

I recently rewatched Death of Salesman (1985, dir. Volker Schlondorff) for the first time in several years, in prepration for a non-narrated video essay. I was struck by how visually rich this film is, despite the fact that it falls into that much maligned "filmed-play-for-television" category. The glowing colors and stylized sets are gorgeous, creating a poignant, stylized universe within which we can witness the Loman family's psychodrama. Here are 33 images from the movie...

Stay tuned for the upcoming video essay which will feature Death of a Salesman, along with several other sales-themed films, possibly including Glengarry Glen Ross, Mahanagar (The Big City), Boiler Room, and Salesman.

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