Thursday, January 12, 2017

Journey Through Twin Peaks: Who-What-Where-When-Why-How, guest post on "Welcome to Twin Peaks"

On February 1, my video essay series Journey Through Twin Peaks turns 2. Its audience continues to grow, and I've been greatly encouraged to hear back on a fairly consistent basis from viewers who have enjoyed it and want to share it. Today Welcome to Twin Peaks, Pieter Dom's excellent fan site, is sharing my guest post on the subject. In it, I decided to adopt the classic mystery format to introduce the videos to a new audience.

Here is the opening paragraph - make sure to head over to Welcome to Twin Peaks to read the rest:

"Twin Peaks is many things: a wacky, charming portrait of a small town, an alluring yet disturbing murder mystery, a spooky tale of supernatural forces, a deeply moving tragedy, and a profound spiritual and psychological exploration. Above all it is a feeling, a mood, an atmosphere, difficult to sum up in words. I created my video series Journey Through Twin Peaks to explore this wonderful and strange world, discovering how the magic works without losing it. As in any good mystery, we must begin by investigating the who, what, where, when and most importantly, WHY of Journey Through Twin Peaks...""

The piece also contains links to the videos in various formats.

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