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Monday, June 10, 2019

The Veronica Mars viewing diary

In 2018, fourteen years after the pilot episode on UPN, I began publishing my episode-by-episode of Veronica Mars. I had never watched the show before, so this was a first-time journey into its story - there are no spoilers and I offer an in-the-moment take including my speculation about where the series would go. That spring I reviewed the first season and in 2019 I learned that Hulu would be streaming a limited series revival, so I carried on with seasons two and three, followed by the feature film and - in a marathon over several days as I caught up with the new episodes - season four.

Here is my full episode coverage of Veronica Mars...

Season 1

Season 2

My viewing diary resumes on June 11 and runs daily through July 3 (with only one day off for my monthly Patreon podcast round-up). This line-up will be updated with links as the episodes go up each day. Viewing diaries for season 3 and the film will follow immediately afterwards.

Season 3

Veronica Mars (feature film)

Season 4

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