Lost in the Movies: belated February 2024 Patreon round-up: EXCLUSIVE - True Detective: Night Country + ADVANCE - TWIN PEAKS Character Series entry

belated February 2024 Patreon round-up: EXCLUSIVE - True Detective: Night Country + ADVANCE - TWIN PEAKS Character Series entry

Although I offered a couple standalone sci-fi episodes last fall, True Detective: Night Country is my first (but probably not my last) patron-exclusive TV season viewing diary. It's also my first episodic write-up since 2022 (my Mad Men coverage concluded two years ago as of Thursday), and my first coverage of a brand new series since 2019 (when I wrapped the Veronica Mars revival). This also allowed me to have complete coverage of the whole True Detective run after discussing the beloved first season a year after it aired and the more controversial second and third seasons in real time, offering responses in the weeks between episodes just as I did with this (also controversial) fourth season. Set in Alaska, starring Jodie Foster and Kali Reis, and involving the mysteries surrounding a vanished group of scientists and a murdered indigenous activist, Night Country is a visual delight, cultivating a rich atmosphere from its nocturnal, wintry setting. This is my favorite element of the season although I (eventually) encountered more difficulties with the plot and particularly the finale - which is frankly a True Detective tradition at this point. Whether or not you're reading this as a patron who can access my full reviews, I'd love to hear your own thoughts on Night Country. Apparently the new showrunner Issa López has been signed for another season and I'm very curious to see where the show goes next.

The second half of the series was covered for $5/month patrons in February and is linked below (for a round-up of all Night Country entries, including January's, see this cross-post). This month I also solicited requests, conducted a poll, and then narrowed the selection down to a run-off for the film I'll cover in March's $5/month tier podcast. And, a bit late for reasons that (as I explain in its intro) won't happen again, I finally cracked the top twenty Twin Peaks characters with an advance entry accessible to all patrons. This makes eleven entries on Patreon since I paused the public series at #30 last year; as I won't be resuming that public presentation until at least the fall, this is a great time to join. For $1/month (or up), you can take a dive deep into the world of Twin Peaks through the eyes of its townspeople or the occasional visitor.

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