Lost in the Movies (formerly The Dancing Image): Patreon update #18: Mark Frost's connection to Fire Walk With Me & film in focus: Holy Motors (+ Korean peace talks & more)

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Patreon update #18: Mark Frost's connection to Fire Walk With Me & film in focus: Holy Motors (+ Korean peace talks & more)

With three weeks to go before my Return rewatch begins (or rather, two weeks and two days given the scheduled date), I'm halfway through the preparatory "Reflections" and done talking about the original series. On this episode I move onto Fire Walk With Me - the film I've discussed more than any other on Lost in the Movies, but with a new twist. I wanted to look at Mark Frost's troubled relationship with the movie, for which he received executive-producer credit without any creative involvement. Tracing Lynch's and Frost's collaboration through their pre-Twin Peaks work, I tease out their differing sensibilities and how these apply to the story of Laura Palmer. What is Frost drawn to in Fire Walk With Me, given its incorporation into season three, and how does his perspective on Laura's last night differ from Lynch's? I think this turned out to be a really interesting topic, and I hope you enjoy listening to it - and continue to share your own thoughts as well.

Speaking of which, I have some more listener feedback this week - one patron offers some fascinating insight into Red (including his connection to The King & I), while someone else shares their thoughts on my public episode: is Eyes Wide Shut a 90s film or a 90s period piece that just happens to be a 90s film? I also finally watched the film that everyone in 2012 was buzzing about; this is my first Leos Carax joint so I'm a bit of a stranger in his world - a distance I felt at times. I was intrigued by Holy Motors' anthology structure and compelled by the way it seemed to comment, perhaps unintentionally, on our present economic situation as well as my own podcast endeavors (that last bit I'm sure was intentional). I talk about the Korean peace efforts and share a very cogent thread on the subject from a reporter whose beat is the peninsula, and I wrap by closing off the #WatchlistScreenCaps period on my site. Next week's archive will delve into the Twin Peaks era of my blogging, a period that my "Twin Peaks Reflections" will dovetail with in the upcoming episode.

And yes, I do know Mark Frost didn't speak with Isaac Asimov on a podcast! I meant Mr. Robot, not I, Robot.

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