Lost in the Movies: 3 First Seasons: Veronica Mars / The X-Files / The Wire

3 First Seasons: Veronica Mars / The X-Files / The Wire

The way my "post every day" schedule has worked out, I have exactly enough days left before my anniversary to publish weekly podcasts each Saturday, an archive round-up on the last day, and three complete first season episode guides for TV shows I began watching several years ago...plus, of course, this one introduction for all three viewing diaries.

Tomorrow I will launch my coverage of Veronica Mars, which will be followed by The X-Files and finally The Wire. In each case I will cover the entirety of the show's first season; through July 13, a new episode entry on these shows will go up every day except Saturday. All three narratives document obsessive investigators, but of course they vary in many other ways. Veronica Mars is about a teen detective trying to solve the murder of her friend and clear the name of her father, a disgraced sheriff in a wealthy town. The X-Files follows a couple FBI agents who specialize in paranormal activity. The Wire balances between a Baltimore drug squad trying to bust a heroin ring in the city's projects and the dealers in those very projects. I've been intrigued by all three shows for years, and at the time of this writing have only watched a handful of episodes of each, despite starting them all as far back as 2013 and no later than 2016 (it looks like after an intense week I will now have the opportunity to finally leap ahead in my watching/writing).

Believe it or not, the hardest part of this entry was creating the above image! I didn't have a DVD of The Wire on hand at this moment and for some reason screenshots of that show are really hard to come by. With that out of the way, I look forward to getting to the fun part. In fact as I finish writing this introduction I'm about to dive into the second episode of Veronica Mars (I've already covered the pilot) and for the next few months - maybe just the next month if I'm able to keep a good pace - I'll be absorbed in these three worlds.

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