Lost in the Movies (formerly The Dancing Image): The Directors

The Directors

I have covered at least two films (or TV shows) of the following directors. Links lead to a page of entries about them or their films/episodes, starting with my most recent. These include reviews, video essays, visual tributes, discussions, and incorporation in my "Remembering the Movies" series (including quotes from reviews, poster art, trailers, or full films), while excluding "32 Days of Movies" clips or inclusion on lists - there was a limit to what I could label. If you want to poke around more for specific titles, perhaps by directors who have only been featured for one film on this site, visit my directories. For a list of my favorite directors for each year, check out 90 Years of Directors (a list of forty of my favorite directors from 2010 also includes some clips). Oh, and if you want to read the punchline to the above cartoon, it's here.

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