Lost in the Movies: The Holy Grail

The Holy Grail

Yes, I know it seems like a cop-out, but I've been hoping for a few days now to do a follow-up post to Another dirty dozen. Besides, there are a number of entries in gestation. I could write up Ozu's Passing Fancy, but I want to include it in a review of the whole Silent Ozu series along with I Was Born But... and Tokyo Chorus, which I'll watch tomorrow. Also forthcoming is an analysis of the most daring and provocative "Twin Peaks" episode yet, along with new additions to the ongoing series The Auteurs and Hooray for (Hating) Hollywood.

So, defensiveness out of the way, I'd like to give a hat tip to all those who participated in my (still continuing) list-making venture. After the jump are all the blogs who've offered up their take on the "Holy Grail" meme (12 unavailable-on-Netflix movies you'd like to catch for the first time on the big screen). This will be continually updated so keep 'em coming. If I left anyone out, please include your blog and its link in the comments section. Though it's all a bit of a tease, many of these films do play in retro screenings and it's my hope that these lists can be used as a reference by any of us lucky enough to reside in (or visit) one of the big cities. Or, if the movie sounds compelling enough, perhaps we'll try to track it down in whatever other-region/VHS/ bootleg version we can find. (Also, believe it or not TCM has been known to screen some of these from time to time - I'm looking at you, Abel Gance.)

Without further ado, the brave crusaders in their quest for the holy grail...

Tony Dayoub, Cinema Viewfinder
Joseph Demme, cinexcellence - his 100th post
Erich Kuersten, Acidemic Film
PolarisDiB, Another look at the mind.
ThetaTHX1138, The Event Horizon of Awful Things
T.S., Screen Savour

update (8/28):
Joseph Campanella, Cinema Fist

update (9/4):
elgringo, He Shot Cyrus
Pat, Doodad Kind of Town
Fox, Tractor Facts
Adam Ross, DVD Panache

update (9/5):
Joseph B., itsamadmadblog2
Dean Treadway, filmicability

update (9/26):
Rick, Coosa Creek Mambo
Dennis Cozzalio, Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule
Marilyn, Ferdy on Films
Campaspe, Self-Styled Siren
Brian Doan, Bubblegum Aesthetics
Jonathan Lapper, Cinema Styles
Brandon, Digital Sextant
Peter Nelhaus, Coffee, Coffee and More Coffee
Bill R., The Kind of Face You Hate
Glenn Kenny, Some Came Running
Filmbrain, Like Anna Karina's Sweater
The Moviezzz Blog
Weepingsam, The Listening Ear
Evan Waters, Club Parnassus
Bob Turnbull, Eternal Sunshine of the Logical Mind
Neil Sarver, The Bleeding Tree

update (9/30):
James Hansen, Out 1

update (10/12):
hotspur, The Wind in the Trees

update (1/7):
mrsemmapeel, The House of Mirth and Movies

If I've messed up anybody's name or that of their blog, or left anyone out (or if you've just added your blog to the mix) please let me know. Thanks to all those who participated and those who are still planning to. Julian Glover would be proud (then again, he'd probably choose to see some superficially glossy Hollywood blockbuster and consequently age 1,000 years in several seconds, rot away, and die).


Tony Dayoub said...

Movieman, you might want to check the jump in the post. Something seems off on the front page. You can delete this comment once you read it.



Here is my list.


It was difficult.

Joel Bocko said...

Thanks Joseph - it will be added.

Tony - yes it's those damn < span=fullpostblahblahblah > and < /span > things. They pop up every time I go back and edit - apparently I missed them the last time. Thanks for catching it.

T.S. said...

Ibetolis at Film for the Soul left a note over on my blog that he'll have a Holy Grail list forthcoming, so keep an eye out for that.

Joel Bocko said...

It looks like there will be several upcoming new additions so I'll be sure to add them today & after the weekend.


Three out of the five people I tagged have done this... just letting you know if you want to search them out and link them up!

Joel Bocko said...

Thanks, Joseph - they (and one other) have been added.

Anonymous said...

Here is my list :)


Joel Bocko said...

Thanks - an update (including yours) is on the way, though probably not tonight...

Stay tuned though because I'm hoping to do a composite list of all the movies people included...I'll probably wait till it's died off though so I don't miss anyone.

James Hansen said...

For the record, it's HansEn, but no big deal. :)

Joel Bocko said...

Sorry, James - just fixed it (thanks for pointing it out).

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