Lost in the Movies: Apropos of Something

Apropos of Something

Namely, a forthcoming review. I first saw this scene on AMC years ago and was blown away - I didn't know what movie I was watching. If you don't either, watch the embedded clip rather than clicking to the YouTube link...it's more interesting that way. And skip to 0:58 for the full surprise effect.

Contains disturbing images of racism and violence


Unknown said...

Hah! I recognized this right away (first couple seconds) even though I only saw The Parallax View once at the time of its original release. This was a disturbing, underrated film which forms a nice "paranoia" trilogy along with Pakula's other two great films of the period, Klute and All the President's Men.

Compare and contrast with the brainwashing sequences from A Clockwork Orange and the "Room 23" sequences of TV's Lost.

Joel Bocko said...

Don't know if you guys get e-mail updates on your comments, but the Parallax review just went up.

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