Lost in the Movies: The Last Overlook

The Last Overlook

At the end of every month, I take a moment to highlight some of my posts which may have been passed over in the rush of blogging and blog-reading. This will be my last such attempt, for a couple reasons. One, I don't think it really works (though maybe I'm wrong about that) - when people revisit old posts it tends to be for different reasons. And two, more importantly, I anticipate the Overlook feature becoming unnecessary as The Dancing Image develops in a new direction. I will probably be posting fewer times a month, and leaving my posts atop the blog for longer periods of time (which seems to bring on more reader commentary) as I take a new approach to blogging. But I'll deal with that in a few days. For now, my last Overlook. Why one more? Well, firstly, there are a few posts I would like to bring to your attention. Only three this time, but a worthy - and mostly neglected - trio. Admittedly, however, my primary motivation was somewhat arbitrary. I simply can't close out my punning Overlook series without one last Shining still, probably the most famous image of the titular hotel. Anyway...

1. The Short Films of David Lynch
2. Two Weeks in Another Town
3. Goofy at the Gates of Dawn? (lost posts, great links, and spring cleaning...)

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I think posting a still from any Kubrick film is worthy of its own post!

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