Lost in the Movies: A Quick One: Slumdog Millionaire

A Quick One: Slumdog Millionaire

So now that the show's over, the Academy Awards have been handed out, and the movie is (presumably) running down its last few weeks in theaters (reaping the rewards of its post-Oscar glow) what do I think of The Best Picture of 2008? Well, firstly, I didn't see any "Best Picture of 2008" (in part due to the weakness of the years' release, in much larger part due to the fact that I saw about two and half new movies in the past year - I exaggerate, but not by much). Synecdoche, NY was certainly the most interesting film I saw in theaters last year, but I'm inclined to think it was more folly than masterpiece (though follies are not bad things, and can often be masterpieces too). Still, if we must play this game, I suppose Slumdog Millionaire will do. Don't get me wrong: while entertained for most of the movie, I was rather dismayed by the ending - by the time it got to the Bollywood dance I had already stopped taking the film seriously. And I thoroughly enjoyed the backlash bashings which served as a necessary corrective (the nastiest and most entertaining being Brandon Colvin's). But you know what? For all its flaws, Slumdog Millionaire is an appropriate and pleasing choice to be "film of the year," at least for the moment. As I already indicated, it's enjoyable. It isn't narcissistically focused on the uber-rich and trendy as so many Hollywood films are (not that those always or even mostly win Best Picture, but still...). OK, all the talk of "little film that could" is vaguely absurd (this was a Danny Boyle film, for the love of insert Hindu diety for corny joke). But compared to the elephantine productions the industry often trots out for public consumption and tepid, forced critical praise, it is a little film and more importantly, it has the charm and energy to match that image. So, hooray for Slumdog! It fits the beleagured but hopeful spirit of the times, it was entertaining and inventive, and the girl was incredibly hot.


Jason Bellamy said...

For the rest of time, movie fans will debate the greatness or suckiness of Slumdog. Only one thing is inarguable: "the girl was incredibly hot." Amen!

Joel Bocko said...


I think even Brandon would agree with that.

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