Lost in the Movies: Winter Overlook

Winter Overlook

As winter winds to a close (perhaps I'm optimistically jumping the gun here) so does my slow blogging season, at least for now. As I've indicated elsewhere, I may take another break in a month but first there's a lot to tackle.

Briefly, then, ten posts, five which have been overlooked, and five which haven't but which I'd like to highlight anyway (consider "overlook" to have a double meaning - or a triple, if you count the hotel).


1. Say Hello to My Little Friends... (new and improved edition!)
2. The Kids Are Alright & Stop Making Sense
3. A Quick One: Theater fodder
4. Zelig
5. The Passion of The Passion of Joan of Arc

Look these over:

1. A Charlie Brown Christmas & It's Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown!
2. Obama: Premonitions of a New Epoch
3. Farewell, Updike
4. Gold Diggers of 1933
5. The Wind in the Willows

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