Lost in the Movies: Beatles on your screen

Beatles on your screen

Tonight I finally received my Beatles stereo package, which included a DVD with short documentaries on each album. I was reminded of the wonderful proto-videos the band churned out in the 60s, ranging from sequences in their features to stand-alone promotional films designed specifically for a certain single. So here are my favorites. (Granted, I'm not quite sure "Rain" was actually created in the 60s; methinks it was perhaps concocted out of outtakes from their "Paperback Writer" promo-film for the '96 Anthology series. Still, it's pretty sick, and is thusly included.)

Update 2017: Due to the relentless policing of Beatles content on YouTube, none of these videos are available anymore and I had trouble finding replacements, so I turned this into a list and wish you luck in your own searches. If you want more of my thoughts on the Beatles, this comment was published a few months before this post; it rounds up all my reviews of their albums from Amazon and is embedded in a much longer discussion about the band on Wonders in the Dark.

The featured videos were:

"Can't Buy Me Love" from A Hard Day's Night (1964)

"Rain" (1966)

"Strawberry Fields Forever" (1967)

"I am the Walrus" from Magical Mystery Tour (1967)

"Eleanor Rigby" from Yellow Submarine (1968)

"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" from Yellow Submarine (1968)

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MovieMan0283 said...

No, I take it back ... it looks like Lennon's definitely mouthing the words to "Rain."

Even better!

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