Lost in the Movies: This week on Examiner

This week on Examiner

rewritten early 2010: Originally this provided a link to a preview of my upcoming work at the Examiner. Here are links to the new homes of the pieces written that week: For the Love of Movies interview, Frozen River, What Are the Best Films of the 21st Century? (no longer active; updated version will be appearing on Wonders in the Dark shortly).

This post was originally published on The Sun's Not Yellow.


Just Another Film Buff said...

This is exciting movie man. But your review of FOr the love of Movies was just jaw-dropping. Magnificent. Could well be used as an essay on contemporary film culture. Great work.


MovieMan0283 said...

Thanks, JAFB, that one was fun to watch and write about. Lots to chew on - more than you can say for most movies, documentary or otherwise.

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