Lost in the Movies: Images from Syndromes and a Century

Images from Syndromes and a Century

A few weeks ago, I reviewed Syndromes and a Century. The enticing visuals, considered apart from the film's intriguing themes and structure (though of course they are all inextricably linked), are worth celebrating, so I present, unadorned, images from the movie:

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Just Another Film Buff said...

MovieMan, this is an interesting assembly of images, skillfully selected, from a wonderful movie. Just scrolling through the images, top to bottom, one cansee the clor shift from lush green to cold white to ghastly gray. Lovely.

MovieMan0283 said...

Yeah, without it being quite intentional, there was a certain symmetry to the images I picked, which of course reflected a symmetry in the film. (In some cases, the symmetry only occurred to me while making the screen-caps - I didn't realize the similarity of the movement towards the open field in the beginning and the dark pipe at the end until this point.

Tony D'Ambra said...

Stunning images Joel.

MovieMan0283 said...

Aren't they? One thing I loved about this movie was the way it clicked with certain dreams I've had, in which the city and the village (perhaps I should say City and Village) have an almost mythic quality and the boundaries between them become fluid. Jung wrote about such a sensibility in his autobiography and it's probably pretty common amongst those who grew up in more rural or small-town settings and moved to the cities in young adulthood. For whatever reason, it really clicked with me.

(Another filmmaker who taps into this quality is film/music video director Michel Gondry - many of his videos play precisely with this dichotemy between nature and city, often conceived on a very childlike level.)

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