Lost in the Movies: Update on Blog 09

Update on Blog 09

Heading into the weekend, I don't have too much to say though I've renewed Netflix and should thus have some more to write about in upcoming weeks. I also wanted to keep you posted on the promised updates to "Blog 09" at the Dancing Image. As expected, some new participants (albeit original invitees) have joined in: Jason Bellamy from The Cooler, Dennis Cozzalio from Sergio Leone and the Infield Fly Rule, the whole gang from Out 1, and Andrew from Encore's World of Film & TV have all thrown their hats in the ring. Check for the entries where the blog names would come in alphabetically (also, some of them had other nominees too, so check out the bottom of the post). Plus, Tony Dayoub added his own favorite piece (since I had chosen the one to represent him in the intro) which can be found, again alphabetically, under Cinema Viewfinder.

Here is the updated post.

Happy Martin Luther King Day weekend (even those of you, like I, who unfortunately don't get the day off). See you next week.

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