Lost in the Movies: Return of the Visual Tribute

Return of the Visual Tribute

Starting next week, I am bringing back the Thursday visual tributes: posts devoted entirely to the image. Dancing about architecture is fine, but sometimes it's nice to let the visual element of a visual medium speak for itself. That said, I plan on launching more written pieces soon too, starting with a review of one of my favorite Sidney Lumet films on Monday, in honor of the deceased auteur. All in all, I'm hoping to start picking up the pace around here so that by May I'm back to posting five days a week, if only temporarily.

Meanwhile, I've put up a sort of mini-visual tribute below, consisting of images I collected for particular posts but never used until now. No rhyme or reason to the arrangement. You can also check out last year's visual tributes to whet your appetite.

Credits (with links to my posts on the films in question): TOP Goodfellas BELOW Funny Face; The Ten Commandments; Socrates; Krysar; La Dolce Vita; Quiet City; Fists in the Pocket; Wind in the Willows (Rankin-Bass version); Heaven and Earth Magic; King Lear; La Ronde; Wind in the Willows (Disney version); The Elephant Man; The Godfather*; Civilisation; The Book of Mary; Funny Face; The Red Balloon

*The image from The Godfather actually was used in that piece. Oh well. I'm keeping it because it looks good here.


Sam Juliano said...

Joel, I am very happy to hear about the return of this feature, and will be sure to check it out! I recall it as something quite special.

Dean Treadway said...

Beautiful. I love these sort of posts, as you well know. That RED BALLOON photo is my favorite, I think.

Joel Bocko said...

Thanks, Dean - there's definitely something to be said for the random approach.

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