Lost in the Movies: Autumn Forecast for The Dancing Image

Autumn Forecast for The Dancing Image

Well, here I am again - a surprise for those of you who read my departure notice in May, but hopefully a pleasant surprise. Having committed myself to several upcoming pieces for other sites, it only seems right that I reactivate The Dancing Image and link to these when they arise. However, I'll also take the opportunity to put up some new pieces here as well.

Around November, I will probably make the "Top Posts" the main page once again, allowing this blog to serve primarily as an archive - for how long is uncertain. (By the way, thanks to those who visited during what should have been the site's quiet months - in fact some of these were among the very busiest - mostly first-time visits, via Google image searches I think, but hopefully some of you stuck around and are reading this.)

Until I close down again, things will be fairly busy, at least one post a week. Here's what in store, though it's possible some of these pieces will not go up while others, unmentioned, will: an entry in Tony Dayoub's Nicholas Ray blogathon around September 8; an essay on Hiroshima Mon Amour around September 10; three pieces for the jam-packed musical countdown on Wonders in the Dark (not saying which, of course - it's a surprise), planned for September 19, October 25, and October 27; and possibly, two interviews in October or November.

I have some other ideas as well. I would like to do a post featuring my favorite painters; around the time I closed shop this spring, I got heavily into art for a little while, discovering much about my own taste and the history of the medium. There may also be casual posts on music, books, and other non-movie topics. I am working on archiving Wonders in the Dark, which with its multitude of writers, subjects, and posts (pushing 2,000 in just 3 years' time) demands a more easily navigable system - and I will certainly make an announcement when that project is finished. I may even take a stab at some of those formal analyses I mentioned in the past, picture/video/prose collages investigating how a movie ticks.

Meanwhile, I've been working on a project for a friend which includes clips from all the DVDs I own, sort of a sampling so as one can get ideas for what to rent/borrow/download on their own. As this exercise has expanded, I think I may end up unveiling it here as well, over a few weeks in easier-to-digest 10 minute chapters (though my collection is small, and each clip just 30 seconds, the whole thing would still last 3 hours and be too much to take in one sitting). It will be a chronological journey through my personal collection, and probably the best way I can think of to express the excitement movies still generate for me.

So, that's what awaits as the leaves fall and the air chills. Keep an eye on your blogroll and spread the word...The Dancing Image is back in action for the autumn.


Unknown said...

This all sounds good. Can't wait. Glad to have you back.

Joel Bocko said...

Thanks, J.D., glad to be back.

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