Lost in the Movies: 60 Years of Cinema (in 40 Seconds)

60 Years of Cinema (in 40 Seconds)

The twenty-fourth chapter in "32 Days of Cinema" already went up this morning, but I'm bumping it (still check it out though! I think it's one of the most interesting ones) to mention something else, albeit related to the series. Saturday night I put up an extract from Chapter 19 on Wonders in the Dark: the rapid-fire video montage which concludes a leg of the series by recapping everything already covered in well under a minute (each film appears for just four frames). This fragment, titled "60 Years of Cinema (in 40 Seconds)" seems to have been a hit; it was praised in all too flattering terms by fellow blogger Srikanth Scrivasson, who also said it "plays out like the output of a malfunctioning super-projector in its final minutes of operation." This afternoon it was linked up on Huffington Post and got some tweets, so I thought I would share it again here. Those of you who've seen Chapter 19 (which, to be honest, is an audience in the single digits) will have already seen it, but the You Tube clip is cleaner and higher-quality, crucial since the images flash by so quickly. Hope you enjoy it again, or for the first time:

You can also view the segment in its original home, as the climax to Chapter 19, and check out all the entries in the ongoing "32 Days of Cinema series" in my Video Gallery.

Read the comments on Wonders in the Dark, where this video was originally published.


Anonymous said...

Can you tell me who does the music for this one?

Joel Bocko said...

Anon, it's a Floyd song from the last movie shown (Zabriskie Point - the last moments with the explosion are actually "in sync" from the film itself). Here you can see not just the song credited, but also all the movies, if you're interested:


A picture post going up on Nov. 2 will cover all the music used in the series as well as all the movies.

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