Lost in the Movies: It's a Twister!

It's a Twister!

A short visual tribute to the tornado sequence in The Wizard of Oz (1939)

(In honor of the film's high placement in the musical countdownand in recognition of its exclusion from my upcoming series "The Big Ones," due to an upcoming, extensive essay next year.)

For the rest of 2011, visual tributes will go up every Saturday.


Jon said...

Hehe. I'm rather amused by this, especially since this has been under so much contention "over there". Ha! Love it.

Joel Bocko said...

Ironically, this was already scheduled at that point! In fact I had originally put it together this past spring, but right when it was supposed to go up there were a series of destructive tornados in the south and the timing seemed pretty bad at that point. Hopefully now it can just seem amusing, instead of in bad taste...

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