Lost in the Movies: Wandering Across Europe

Wandering Across Europe

A visual tribute to Farewell to the Summer Light (1968)

Farewell to the Summer Light appears at 5:15 in "There's Something Happening Here...", a chapter in my video series "32 Days of Movies."


Sam Juliano said...

Stunning! With "Akitsu Springs" this is one of the two most ravishing visual delights among Yoshida's works, and the most glorious homage ever to Resnais' LAST YEAR AT MARIENBAD. You've captured some screen cap treasures here!

Joel Bocko said...

Yes, I thought you would be happy to see this here. I haven't seen Akitsu Springs, but between this, Eros + Massacre, and Heroic Purgatory I find Yoshida a director of immense visual appeal albeit also some narrative frustrations (the first quality tends to overwhelm the second in memory).

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