Lost in the Movies: Last Call

Last Call

Soon my final piece for "The Big Ones" goes up, on Vertigo, one of my two or three favorite movies. It will also be my last review for some time. On New Year's Eve, I will put up a revised version of my Top Posts to serve as the front page for this blog during a time of inactivity, a reminder to readers old and new of the site's potential as an archive.

Before I get there, I wanted to take a moment to do two things. One, as I did a few weeks ago, to highlight some recent posts - I have been putting pieces up more rapidly than ever before, so some stuff gets lost in the shuffle. These are the ones I think stand out, relatively speaking anyway.

Two, I wanted to take a moment - since I don't do it often enough - to say how much I appreciate your readership, whether you're casual or regular, a commentator or a lurker, fresh to the site or an old-timer. I suppose I would have been blogging even if no one was reading; for three years The Dancing Image was a very necessary outlet for me. But it's always reassuring to have an audience, whatever size. Thanks from the bottom of my heart - you made it feel worthwhile.

Here are some of the stronger recent posts. Check them out if you missed them before:

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