Lost in the Movies: Gimme Yer Links

Gimme Yer Links

Submit your strongest work for my annual blog round-up...or else!

It's that time of year again. Since this blog's inception four years ago, I've rounded up a casual, eclectic "best of the blogosphere" after the holidays. Initially this was simply a list of links chosen by me, one from each site on my blogroll. Then I invited submissions, with bloggers choosing their own best work, and I sprinkled a few pictures and video clips amongst the listings. Finally I struck upon the idea pursued ever since, of jazzing up the presentation to make it as pleasing to the eye as to the mind, an enticing invitation to explore these entries further.

You can see past examples here. If you'd like to submit - as I invite all blogging readers to do - either leave a comment below (I'll delete it once I've copied the links you provide) or email me. Blog 12 will appear sometime after Christmas, probably a bit into the new year. See you then!

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STinG said...

I really don't think many of my posts are great enough to be considered wonders of cinematic critical analysis, but if there's one thing I'm most proud of, it's the Molly Ringwald entry in this little list of mine.


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