Lost in the Movies: Pictures of Memory: Images & Words from Class of 2002

Pictures of Memory: Images & Words from Class of 2002

A taste of my short film, "Class of 2002", in quotes and screen-caps

Often, I've heard about a movie and thought vaguely in my head, "I'll see that at one point." Only when enticed by extracts - an image, maybe a clip, sometimes just a quote or even a description - have I then truly been tempted to take the plunge. This post is intended in that spirit, for lurkers or newbies who haven't watched my movie yet (although those who've seen it may appreciate the post as well). Perhaps these somewhat mysterious extracts will lure you in.

The film is embedded at the end of the post or click to watch Class of 2002 right now.


"She asked me who they were."

"This came at the end of a long Indian summer day spent at the beach."
"Maybe I was always a little bit in love with Rachel Jacobs, but then - who wasn't?"

"I was haunted by bad dreams, in which she had vanished into thin air..."

"There's not much fourth-graders won't talk about."
"Jules was the funniest serious person I've ever known."
"In the midst of hysterical babbling, I noticed he was sitting frozen in his seat..."

"She had gotten me drunk, and plopped one of her mom's wigs right on my head."

"Her mother was a debutante turned sixties bombthrower."

"I'm sure those teeth never looked sharper."

"I have to admit, I didn't like Jared Esaw."
"He was always primarily hurting himself."
"I always wanted to catch it, but there was only one per ride."

"She dumped me days before the senior prom."
"We had a tense reconciliation the last week of school, allowing me to graduate with something like a free conscience."

"We suspect the nightmare is more real than the sunny day."

"I was experiencing vivid, almost hallucinatory dreams on a nightly basis."

"I forgot the dream entirely until a few days later, when I saw Rachel's picture on TV."

"And so David Isak he was again, although I always thought of him as Jules."

"At one point his seat was just empty, a few dollar bills and some change on the counter."

"The childish things are what keep us alive, even after they've become dead weight."

"Her first diagnosis was met, I understand, with a stubborn refusal to play the game."
"This photo was the last she ever allowed to be taken."
"I didn't even have the guts to return the gesture."

"...In Melrose - still a dry town back then - I was trying to turn my life around."

"Jared kept circling back to images of Noah and the flood."

"Lit, the waves toss me around, but I've still got my head above water."

"...leaving her promising job for her family's sake. Or rather, for her husband's."

"All smiles, talking about Disney World, and not having to shovel snow any more..."

"I even forgot to kiss the bride."

"...knowing what it was like to hear those fights through paper-thin walls."

"Me, already grizzled in my thirties."

"Despite the flood of memories, that day remains a thankful blur."

"I took Dinah with me to California."

"She's already a bright student, full of curiosity."

"I didn't know how to answer her."

Watch Class of 2002, my short film:

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