Lost in the Movies: The conclusion to Class of 2002 (Part 3), directed by Joel Bocko

The conclusion to Class of 2002 (Part 3), directed by Joel Bocko


This is the final chapter of my short film. Watch Part 1 and Part 2 first, or wait until Monday morning when I post the film in its entirety. I would actually recommended viewing Class of 2002 in one sitting, which better sustains its dramatic momentum, but understand some may prefer a serialized format. That's one reason I uploaded them this way first, though doing so also allowed me to set more reasonable deadlines for myself in terms of completion.

At any rate, this is not a project for which I am being paid, or getting some sort of school credit (my student days are long in the past by now), or fulfilling any sort of externally-imposed goal. It's not part of a contest, or commissioned by anyone but yours truly. Class of 2002 is strictly personal; it's for me - and more importantly, it's for all of you. So I hope you are able to watch and enjoy it. See you Monday...

The embedded video does not work on my computer, though it seems to be fine on most. If you have trouble viewing, Click here to watch Part 3.

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Joel Bocko said...

Hey STiNG, first of all thanks so much for watching - it has been a struggle so far to translate my usual or casual readership into video views, so I'm glad you made the leap! I only just saw this now, so sorry for the delayed response. Ha, as for the manipulation, the approach is something I was ambivalent about as it could come off as a gimmicky. Ideally, I'd like people seeing it to know that it is fiction but suspend disbelief as I think this format works better for this particular storytelling. Glad it worked for you regardless!

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