Lost in the Movies: Tomorrow I will live-blog/tweet a Criterion marathon

Tomorrow I will live-blog/tweet a Criterion marathon


I've decided to go ahead with my plan to watch all the Criterion uploads I can between 6am and 6pm tomorrow, in honor of Hulu hosting the online Collection for free between two holidays. This morning I offered my own suggestions, but tomorrow I'll be exploring uncharted territory and will only view films I haven't seen, focusing - at least initially - on those unavailable through Netflix, You Tube, or other online services. I'm excited to see what new films I discover, and as soon as I've watched one I will upload a screen-cap to Twitter and to a post on this blog which I will continuously update all day, along with a brief capsule capturing my immediate thoughts. A lot of the stuff is short, so I'm hoping I can fit in 7 or 8 films in my 12-hour session, but at bare minimum I'll watch at least 5 - the same number of films I viewed in all of January, so this will be a nice change of pace for me. If you haven't yet, follow me on Twitter to keep up. See you tomorrow...

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