Lost in the Movies: Movie Marathon (#WatchlistScreenCaps 4/22)

Movie Marathon (#WatchlistScreenCaps 4/22)

Between 8am, April 22 to 2am, April 23, I watched seven features, four shorts, and one featurette in a movie marathon, ranging from fantasy films to documentaries, from kids' cartoons to the dark avant-garde. Below are the screen-caps from the films I viewed, accompanied by basic info and an epigrammatic caption. Links are to my own posts on a given film.

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#1 Celebrating with silly string
Revisiting Brideshead (2005), prod. Free At Last TV
 #2 Leaping from the immigrant experience into the socialist future
Arguing the World (1998), dir. Joseph Dorman

 #3 Cordelia weeping for her fathers, because they are no more
King Lear (1987), dir. Jean-Luc Godard

 #4 Dorothy through the looking glass
Return to Oz (1985), dir. Walter Murch

 #5 Buying Hawaiian islands and building sand castles over lobster dinner
The King of Marvin Gardens (1972), dir. Bob Rafelson

#6 Apparently tracking shots and morality are no longer so conjoined
Two in the Wave (2010), dir. Emmanuel Laurent

#7 The tomcat leaps through the window, drawn forth by a ghoulish pied piper
Vincent (1982), dir. Tim Burton

#8 The brotherhood of dog and wolf, comrades under the fur
Zhil-byl-pyos (1982), dir. E. Nazarov

#9 Twitterpated.
Bambi (1942), prod. Walt Disney

#10 Empire of the spirit is extinguished in a melancholic frenzy
The Last of England (1988), dir. Derek Jarman

#11 Cone and sphere meet cute in Gershwin-saturated flora
High Fidelity (1982), dir. Randy Roberts

#12 Lullaby in shattered stained-glass
 Night Music (1986), dir. Stan Brakhage

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