Lost in the Movies: And the beat goes on...: #iPodAlbumPlaylist, pt. II

And the beat goes on...: #iPodAlbumPlaylist, pt. II

Several months ago, I completed and posted an "album playlist" on my iPod, numerous LPs listened to in their entirety. The order (of the albums, not the tracks within them) was shuffled, leading to some interesting juxtapositions - especially since my taste in music (as in other forms) is eclectic. That playlist was very long and took several months to get through; I waited a while to start another, but it was much shorter, so after just ten days here's the complete lineup. To follow future entries, keep your eye on the Twitter hashtag #iPodAlbumPlaylist.

As before, I've included a favorite track (at the time of listening, anyway) with a link where possible to an online video. My greatest discovery on this listen (which mixed familiar favorites with albums new to me) was The Langley Schools Music Project. It's a compilation of two initially obscure albums from the late seventies featuring a chorus of schoolchildren singing pop or rock songs from the 60s and 70s, with eerie, unusual instrumental backing, under the tutelage of an imaginative music teacher. I found it haunting and kind of beautiful, and surprisingly well-done.

 Dangerous (1991) - Michael Jackson
Favorite track: "In the Closet"

The Rite of Spring (composed 1913) - Igor Stravinsky
Favorite track: "Spring Khorovod" (jump to 7:35)

154 (1979) - Wire
Favorite track: "The 15th"

The Dream Academy (1985) - The Dream Academy
Favorite track: "Life in a Northern Town"

Astral Weeks (1968) - Van Morrison
Favorite track: "Astral Weeks"

Treasures of the 14th and 15th Centuries (comp. 1300-1500) - various composers
(this cover image is from a different album by the same performers)

Mishima (1985) - Philip Glass

Giftgas (rec. circa 1975) - Throbbing Gristle
Favorite track: "Image 5: Satan"

The Shape of Jazz to Come (1959) - Ornette Coleman
Favorite track: "Eventually"

Diamond Dogs (1974) - David Bowie
Favorite track: "Sweet Thing"

Doggystyle (1993) - Snoop Doggy Dogg
Favorite track: "Ain't No Fun"

Purple Rain (1984) - Prince
Favorite track: "Darling Nikki" (no video available)

Back to Black (2006) - Amy Winehouse
Favorite track: "You Know I'm No Good"

A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) - Vince Guaraldi

This Nation's Saving Grace (1985) - The Fall
Favorite track: "Barmy"

All Eyez on Me (1996) - 2Pac
Favorite track: "Only God Can Judge Me"

 White Cannibal (rec. 1980-81) - James Chance & the Contortions
Favorite track: "Money to Burn" (no video available)

Twin Peaks (1990) - Angelo Badalamenti
Favorite track: "Falling"

Innocence & Despair: The Langley Schools Music Project (comp. 1977-78) - Hans Fenger & Langley School District
Favorite track: "I'm Into Something Good"

Requiem for a Dream (2000) - Clint Mansell
Favorite track: "Summer Overture"


Mike said...

I always though Only God Can Judge Me was a dud. Good concept, poor execution. Ambitionz Az a Ridah (ignorant spelling and all) is far and away my favorite from that album and my favorite Pac song period.

Could never get into Snoop Dogg, not sure why since I love his guest verses on The Chronic. Gin and Juice is great, haven't heard the others (this is the first time I'm admitting this, as a huge hip hop head Snoop Dogg is one of the notable gaps in my listening).

From the pilot of Twin Peaks I remember really liking the Nightingale song, and Angelo Badalamenti is one of my favorite composers (Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet, Lost Highway). This is all tempting me to go back into the series. Eventually.

Out of curiosity I clicked on the link for the Requiem For a Dream song since I love film scores even if I haven't seen that particular one. Wasn't what I expected, and I didn't care for it.

Joel Bocko said...

The one you mention is probably the better Pac track, and on another day might be my favorite. Not sure why Only God Can Judge Me hooks me in, but I find it compulsively relistenable even though I don't like the guest verse very much.

There's a lot of great tracks on Doggystyle, the one I linked, The Shiznit, Murder Was the Case, and What's My Name? among others.

I may actually like the Fire Walk With Me album even more than the series soundtrack. It's not on the next album playlist which I've already made but it will probably be one soon after.

I'd give Requiem another chance - it's one of the most evocative/memorable film scores I know, and tbh I'm not even sure which part I chose haha (it all tends to blend together into one sonic tsunami). Though it probably helps to hear it in the context of the movie, whose images it fits like hand in iron glove.

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