Lost in the Movies: Lost in the Movies turns 5 today

Lost in the Movies turns 5 today

I am writing an extensive 5th anniversary overview of my blog's history but me being me, it's taking longer than expected and doesn't look like it will make it up before midnight. Thus, I want to post some sort of acknowledgement on the day itself and here we are.

The official anniversary post will be up before morning, but in the meantime I want to thank anyone reading this for, well, reading this. When I began my blog it was entirely for myself and very much under the assumption I'd probably never find any readers. I am extremely gratified by the people who have discovered and enjoyed my work over the years, whether they are lurkers, commentators, or sporadic visitors. Thanks for making me feel like my efforts are worthwhile.

I've seen peers of mine post the most under-the-radar acknowledgements of their own anniversaries - perhaps a sentence slipped in to an otherwise irrelevant post. God bless 'em, but that's not my style. Embarrassing as it may be to admit, this blog has been my proudest accomplishment of the past five years and I intend to celebrate its birthday with appropriate pomp. If you are skittish about such self-absorption, feel free to tune out, but do return - I expect that within a week or two I will be posting more regularly, not just with my viewing/reading/listening diary as I have been lately, but with actual reviews.

Today I've hit a significant signpost on the road, but the path continues, heading into the horizon as far as the eye can see. Thanks for walking with me some of the way.


Unknown said...

Congrats on your milestone! That is a fantastic accomplishment, esp. in this day and age where blogs appear and disappear with alarming regularity.

I knew I had come across something special when I found your TWIN PEAKS posts. It was then that I knew I had met a kindred cinematic soul.

Looking forward to future posts!

Shubhajit said...

"... heading into the horizon as far as the eye can see." Why only as far as the eye can see - I'd say much much beyond that :) Congrats once again & awaiting your anniversary post!

Joel Bocko said...

Thanks guys, nice to hear from others who have made it over the long haul. Looking over past posts, old versions of my site on Wayback Machine, and links to now-dormant blogs offer reminders of how much has changed.

And yeah, the eye can only see so far, who knows what lies beyond the horizon...

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