Lost in the Movies: #WatchlistScreenCaps, 7/17 - 7/24

#WatchlistScreenCaps, 7/17 - 7/24

Here are the last ten films I watched, with a screen-captured image and quick sentence on the subject. Follow this feature on Twitter here, read about the kickoff here, and view the previous #WatchlistScreenCaps roundup here. Links below are to my post on the film in question.

History incurs into the personal sphere
Chronicle of a Summer (1961), dir. Jean Rouch, Edgar Morin
viewed July 17, 2013

Hollywood's (lost?) ability to mythologize contemporary reality
Christmas in Connecticut (1945), dir. Peter Godfrey
viewed July 18, 2013

 Dressed for the occasion
It Happened on Fifth Avenue (1947), dir. Roy del Ruth
viewed July 19, 2013

An unusual roadblock
Panic Attack! (2009), dir. Fede Alvarez
viewed July 19, 2013

An anachronism and proud of it
The Accountant (2001), dir. Ray McKinnon
viewed July 20, 2013

 What happens when you cut off certain vehicles
Ambush (2001), dir. John Frankenheimer
viewed July 21, 2013

Not exactly a love letter to his wife
Star (2001), dir. Guy Ritchie
viewed July 24, 2013

Unusual cargo, from the Far East
Chosen (2001), dir. Ang Lee
viewed July 24, 2013

"Don't get too close...never meet their eyes"
The Follow (2001), dir. Wong Kar Wai
viewed July 24, 2013

Seems like Gondry always has the bird's eye view
Mad World (2001), dir. Michel Gondry
viewed July 24, 2013

#SeenOnBigScreen during this time: Humpty Dumpty (1935, Ub Iwerks) & The Third Man (1949, Carol Reed) on 7/20

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