Lost in the Movies: Last of the List: #iPodAlbumPlaylist, pt. VI

Last of the List: #iPodAlbumPlaylist, pt. VI

I've just completed another playlist of twenty-five albums. This represented the final piece of a longer album playlist I made back in May - from now on these lists will be compiled closer to when I actually listen to them. As usual, the iPod was placed on album shuffle so the order is arbitrary. Some are familiar favorites, others new discoveries for me. You can also follow my listenings on Twitter, scan my last playlist or look at all previous round-ups on this blog.

The Clash (1977) - The Clash
Favorite track: "Police & Thieves"

Dead City Radio (1990) - William S. Burroughs
Favorite track: "Naked Lunch Excerpts (You Got Any Eggs for Fats?)/Dinner Conversation (The Snakes)" (no video)

Death of a Ladies' Man (1977) - Leonard Cohen
Favorite track: "Paper Thin Hotel"

The Wall (1979) - Pink Floyd
Favorite track: "Comfortably Numb"

Street Songs (1981) - Rick James
Favorite track: "Give It to Me Baby"

Deftones (2003) - Deftones
Favorite track: "Lucky You"

Person Pitch (2007) - Panda Bear
Favorite track: "Take Pills"

Terrapin Station (1977) - Grateful Dead
Favorite track: "Terrapin Station Part 1" (no video at correct speed)

New Traditionalists (1981) - Devo
Favorite track: "Through Being Cool"

Solve (1982) - Patrik Fitzgerald
Favorite track: "Solve"

Surrealistic Pillow (1967) - Jefferson Airplane
Favorite track: "Today"

Closer (1980) - Joy Division
Favorite track: "Decades"

The Black Album (1991) - Metallica
Favorite track: "Enter Sandman"

A Love Supreme (1965) - John Coltrane
Favorite track: "Acknowledgement"

Rage Against the Machine (1992) - Rage Against the Machine
Favorite track: "Killing in the Name"

Hysteria (1984) - The Human League
Favorite track: "Louise"

Radio Amor (2003) - Tim Hecker
Favorite track: "Azure Azure"

The Bends (1994) - Radiohead
Favorite track: "High and Dry"

Wave Scope (1986) - Spheric Corner
Favorite track: "The Mystery of Becoming Centered in Oneself" (no video)

Slowhand (1977) - Eric Clapton
Favorite track: "Peaches & Diesel" (no video)

Colossal Youth (1980) - Young Marble Giants
Favorite track: "Include Me Out"

All Things Must Pass (1970) - George Harrison
Favorite track: "Run of the Mill"

Otis Blue: Otis Redding Sings Soul (1965) - Otis Redding
Favorite track: "Ole Man Trouble"

Yellow Magic Orchestra (1979) - Yellow Magic Orchestra
Favorite track: "Firecracker"

The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators (1966) - The 13th Floor Elevators
Favorite track: "Thru the Rhythm"

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