Lost in the Movies: Class of 2002: The First Anniversary

Class of 2002: The First Anniversary

Exactly one year ago (to the minute!) I posted my first short film on this blog. Class of 2002 is a dramatic mockumentary in which a man in his late twenties looks back on the lives of five classmates, before and after their graduation. As their biographies intersect his own (as well as real-world events), we learn more about him, them, and an entire generation.

I created the movie by combining snapshots from the cast's personal collections (stretching back to their own childhoods) with recorded narration, found footage, and original video shot by myself. I was responsible for every aspect of production, from writing, directing, and editing to poster design and financing (it cost less than $600 - including the used computer I bought for the occasion; about $1400 if you include the editing software I'd bought a half-decade earlier and the price & monthly bill of the iPhone I used to capture a few images).

Since premiering the whole video online, I have received encouraging feedback from several viewers. I have yet to submit it to any festivals, though I may do so soon - at which point I would probably close or make private the YouTube and Vimeo videos, at least temporarily. If you haven't seen Class of 2002 yet, now's the time. I've embedded the clip here:

And if you like it, please do share on Twitter, Facebook, or elsewhere (and let me know)! Right now, my readers/viewers are my only promotional campaign.

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