Lost in the Movies: #WatchlistScreenCaps, 2/1 - 2/3

#WatchlistScreenCaps, 2/1 - 2/3

Here are the last ten films I watched, with a screen-captured image and caption. Linked titles lead to my posts on that film. In this and the following round-up, I watched five mini-"programs" of a short followed by a feature, usually with a link between them. Visit my #WatchlistScreenCaps archive for images from everything I've watched in the past year.

What's worth more: a chicken or a whale, a person or a pig?
viewed February 1, 2014
Isle of Flowers (1989), dir. Jorge Furtado

"The real story is...we were just one bunch of lucky motherfuckers."
viewed February 1, 2014
BBStory (2009), dir. Greg Carson

The greatest goddamn musical of all time - and no one knows it
viewed February 1, 2014
Jammin' the Blues (1944), dir. Gjon Mili

Life is most delicate in its happiest moments
viewed February 1, 2014
The Double Life of Veronique (1991), dir. Krzysztof Kieslowski

Cover of the early edition. And the late edition...& the one after that & after that...
viewed February 2, 2014
12:01 PM (1990), dir. Jonathan Heap

That right hook wasn't in Ned Ryerson's actuarial table
viewed February 2, 2014
Groundhog Day (1992), dir. Harold Ramis

A momentary fissure amidst the frozen grandeur
viewed February 2, 2014
La Jetee (1963), dir. Chris Marker

The lamps are going out all over this little island - who shall see them lit again?
viewed February 2, 2014
Through a Glass Darkly (1961), dir. Ingmar Bergman

Perfect punchline to Buster's home improvement project
viewed February 2, 2014
One Week (1920), dir. Buster Keaton, Edward F. Cline

Snow gets in your eyes
viewed February 3, 2014
The Gold Rush (1925), dir. Charles Chaplin


Doug's Blog said...

Charming to see the annoying Ned Ryerson, bedeviled Buster and his 'bustering' bride, and Charlie's soon-to-be-happy Tramp mixed in with such august company! Great selections Joel .

Joel Bocko said...

Yeah I'm not sure how much comedy has made it on to my viewing list in the past year, come to think of it. The next week, my last I doing #WatchlistScreenCaps, will largely be devoted to plugging gaps or holes in my visual viewing diary, so it's appropriate that comedy finally gets some pictures in edgewise.

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