Lost in the Movies: The Sides of March: #iPodAlbumPlaylist, March 2014

The Sides of March: #iPodAlbumPlaylist, March 2014

March was definitely the month of music. I listened to forty-two albums, but also spent a lot of time listening to songs rather than whole albums (often favorite tracks on the albums I had just discovered). For the first time in over a year, I added to my collection: eight albums by month's end, including much recent hip-hop. Because this was the month of songs as much as albums, I'll list thirty tracks I recently added to a playlist of favorites:

Dark Fantasy (Kanye West) • All of the Lights (Kanye West/Rihanna/Kid Cudi) • Lost In the World (Kanye West/Bon Iver) • Runaway (Kanye West/Pusha T) • Monster (Kanye West/Jay-Z/Rick Ross/Nicki Minaj/Bon Iver) • Gorgeous (Kanye West/Kid Cuti/Raekwon) • Backseat Freestyle (Kendrick Lamar) • Sherane A.K.A. Master Splinter's Daughter (Kendrick Lamar) • Money Trees (Kendrick Lamar/Jay Rock) • Swimming Pools (Drank) (Kendrick Lamar) • Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe (Kendrick Lamar) • Poetic Justic (Kendrick Lamar/Drake) • DNA (Danny Brown) • Fields (Danny Brown) • Toss It Up (2Pac/Danny Boy/KC & JoJo) • To Live and Die in L.A. (2Pac/Val Young) • Krazy (2Pac/Bad Ass) • Brooklyn Zoo (Ol' Dirty Bastard) • Run (Air) • Walking on Air (King Crimson) • More Than Distance (Telex) - skip to 4:10Your Silent Face (New Order) • Right Where It Belongs (Nine Inch Nails) • Lake of Fire (Nirvana) • Falling (Julee Cruise) • Questions in a World of Blue (Julee Cruise) • Rockin' Back Inside My Heart (Julee Cruise) • The World Spins (Julee Cruise) • Mysteries of Love (Julee Cruise) • Just You (James Marshall, Sheryl Lee, Lara Flynn Boyle)

Here are covers, info, and favorite tracks for all the albums I listened to in the past month. You can also follow my listenings on Twitter, scan my last playlist or look at all previous round-ups on this blog.

The Queen is Dead (1986) - The Smiths
Favorite track: "I Know It's Over"

The Joshua Tree (1987) - U2
Favorite track: "With or Without You"

Harvest (1972) - Neil Young
Favorite track: "Out on the Weekend"

Innervisions (1973) - Stevie Wonder
Favorite track: "Living For the City"

Songs in the Key of the Life (1976) - Stevie Wonder
Favorite track: "I Wish"

Stop Making Sense (1984) - Talking Heads

MTV Unplugged in New York (rec. 1993) - Nirvana
Favorite track: "Lake of Fire"

Imagine (1972) - John Lennon
Favorite track: "Imagine"

Plastic Ono Band (1970) - John Lennon
Favorite track: "God"

Meet the Residents (1974) - The Residents
Favorite track: "Breath and Length"

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010) - Kanye West
Favorite track: "Runaway"

The Don Killuminati: The 7-Day Theory - 2Pac a.k.a. Makaveli
Favorite track: "To Live and Die in L.A."

Appetite for Destruction (1987) - Guns N Roses
Favorite track: "Sweet Child O' Mine"

L.A. Woman (1970) - The Doors
Favorite track: "Riders on the Storm"

good kid, m.A.A.d. city (2012) - Kendrick Lamar
Favorite track: "Backseat Freestyle"

6 kiss (2009) - Lil B
Favorite track: "Based"

XXX (2011) - Danny Brown
Favorite track: "XXX"

2Pacalypse Now (1991) - 2Pac
Favorite track: "Brenda's Got a Baby"

Elephant (2003) - The White Stripes
Favorite track: "Ball and Biscuit"

Animals (1977) - Pink Floyd
Favorite track: "Dogs"

The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (1998) - Lauryn Hill
Favorite track: "Ex-Factor"

Lola versus Powerman and the Moneygoround (1970) - The Kinks
Favorite track: "Strangers"

Late Registration (2005) - Kanye West
Favorite track: "Celebration"

War (1983) - U2
Favorite track: "New Year's Day"

The College Dropout (2004) - Kanye West
Favorite track: "Through the Wire"

Psychocandy (1985) - The Jesus and Mary Chain
Favorite track: "Just Like Honey"

Raw Power (1973) - Iggy & the Stooges
Favorite track: "Penetration"

American Idiot (2004) - Green Day
Favorite track: "Holiday"

American Beauty (1970) - The Grateful Dead
Favorite track: "Ripple"

More Fish (2007) - Ghostface Killah
Favorite track: "Greedy Bitches"

Young Americans (1975) - David Bowie
Favorite track: "Fame"

Floating into the Night (1989) - Julee Cruise
Favorite track: "Mysteries of Love"

Twin Peaks Season Two Music and More (rec. 1990-91) - comp. David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti
Favorite track: "Just You"

Ten (1991) - Pearl Jam
Favorite track: "Jeremy"

Siamese Dream (1993) - Smashing Pumpkins
Favorite track - "Luna" (no video)

Dirt (1992) - Alice in Chains
Favorite track: "Rooster"

I'm Your Man (1988) - Leonard Cohen
Favorite track: "First We Take Manhattan"

Death of a Ladies' Man (1977) - Leonard Cohen
Favorite track: "Iodine"
*Oops, just realized I already included this on an earlier #iPodAlbumPlaylist. That time I chose "Paper Thin Hotel" as my favorite track. Go figure.

Electric Warrior (1971) - T. Rex
Favorite track: "Cosmic Dancer"

Speaking in Tongues (1983) - Talking Heads
Favorite track: "Swamp"

More Songs About Buildings and Food (1978) - Talking Heads
Favorite track: "Found a Job"

Fear of Music (1979) - Talking Heads
Favorite track: "Memories Can't Wait"


Ed Howard said...

Yesssssss on listening to Lil B. That's a great album. Lil B has been a bit of an on-and-off obsession for me in the last few years, especially in 2012 when he released at least one album every month, most of them at least pretty good and a few of them amazing. He's just a nonstop torrent of music, it's impressive.

I dig Danny Brown a lot, too. [i]XXX[/i] took a while to really sink in for me, but his disc from last year, [i]Old[/i], was front-to-back spectacular.

I've been on a real rap kick lately, filling in my library with classics and also really gorging on recent stuff. This year has been especially strong from hip hop thus far; almost all of my early 2014 favorites (Black Portland, Migos, Freddie Gibbs & Madlib, Kevin Gates, Rome Fortune, Vince Staples, 100s) are rap.

Joel Bocko said...

I am generally completely clueless on ALL popular music from the past 5 years. In fact I think prior to March's relative binge I had maybe a half-dozen tracks from post-2007!

I debated whether to download XXX or Old (I was being selective since I was actually purchasing these albums; even aside from legality, the operating system on my computer is very old and generally doesn't support media downloads/torrents/etc - besides which I haven't used those since the days of Kazaa...). Ultimately I went with XXX but I still look forward to giving Old a listen. I'll bookmark all the artists you mention for the next time I go on a tear...

Ed Howard said...

Cool. One thing to note, given your comments about downloading, is that much of the best stuff in current rap is actually released completely free and legally on sites like livemixtapes.com or datpiff.com - most rappers these days put out substantial amounts of material as "mixtapes," which are basically albums in all but name, and are generally free. Almost all of Lil B's music has been released this way, and most of the other rappers I mentioned do the same thing. With many rappers, the mixtapes are even superior to officially released, for-pay albums. So if you decide to go all-in on new rap, it won't necessarily mean either downloading illegally or spending a fortune.

Joel Bocko said...

Good point. I've heard that about both Brown & Lil B. Plus of course YouTube, Pandora, and (I think?) Spotify offer ways to listen to music for free if not necessarily to "own." I have sadly fallen pretty far behind on appreciating technological opportunities, which I should probably get around to rectifying, especially since I pin all my hopes for filmmaking on them haha...

Sam Juliano said...

Where's the opera? Ha! Just kidding of course. This is a magisterial collection of classic rock that for many years occupied my eardrums and my affectations. Great that so many of the great albums are here, but I was absolutely delighted to learn that you are a big Stevie Wonder fan (both SONGS FROM THE KEY OF LIFE and INNERVISIONS are masterpieces) and that you have brought Leonard Cohen into the mix. I am also a huge fan of Marvin Gaye's WHAT'S GOIN' ON?

THE QUEEN IS DEAD, HARVEST, STOP MAKING SENSE, IMAGINE, THE DOORS are all great stuff. My son Danny (15 in May) as of late has been on a Morrison crze, drawing pictures, picking up books at the Strand, collecting the CDs. I am also assuming you are a huge WHO fan, even if they don't appear on this particular post. But I probably state the obvious.

Joel Bocko said...

Yeah with all. The different genres there should be something here for everyone. The only reason the Who don't appear is that I've already listened to the bulk I their albums in previous playlist entries (although several 70s classics remain). You should also probably check up January's lineup which was almost exclusively dominated by 60s classics which I opened the year by splurging on.

Mike said...

Lil B is hit or miss with me- he's funny enough in small doses but I couldn't imagine myself sitting through an entire mixtape of his, since his shtick gets old pretty fast. But his cult fame fascinates me (or at least did at one point in time). Danny Brown is great, XXX has some insane cuts, and Old is close behind. Kendrick Lamar's GKMC is worth all the hype in my eyes, not so much for Kanye's MBDTF. College Dropout is still my favorite Kanye although it's been a while since I listened to that.

Joel Bocko said...

I know what you mean - though I enjoyed Lil B I haven't re-listened to it as much as the others. As for Kanye, I've gotta confess I'm with the hype on this one - it's become my favorite of his although I've missed most of his recent output - before this, it was Late Registration.

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