Lost in the Movies: What a Long Strange Trip It's Been

What a Long Strange Trip It's Been

Rather than a video essay, this month's Lost in the Movies video is an experimental film. It was created in 2005-2007, before I was familiar with the video essay form; nonetheless it overlaps with that approach (it is structured in part around a VHS tape of 1987 TV programs, particularly the Rankin-Bass cartoon The Wind in the Willows). Combining this found footage with home movies and original footage, the film depicts an inner/outer journey in impressionistic, hopefully enjoyable fashion.

I've also written about the films The Wind in the Willows and (briefly) The Man Who Planted Trees, both of which were on the VHS tape I used (I didn't know what the latter film was at the time, as the footage was taken from the opening credits of the James Earl Jones show "Long Ago and Far Away," but years later I discovered and loved the animated movie - the full film is embedded at the end of the linked post).

Probably most relevant to the themes of the video, however, is my Wind in the Willows series from several years ago (as well as an entry on "The Piper at the Gates of Dawn" actually written just before I began this film). Particularly key are the chapters on "Dulce Domum", "The Wide World", and especially "The Wild Wood".

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