Lost in the Movies: Journey Through Twin Peaks: Part 2 - The Center Cannot Hold

Journey Through Twin Peaks: Part 2 - The Center Cannot Hold

"The Center Cannot Hold" continues my 4-part video series analyzing the narrative cycle of Twin Peaks from the pilot through Fire Walk With Me. This second entry begins before the last, exploring the creation and development of Laura Palmer (juxtaposed with the films Laura and Vertigo as well as the abandoned Mark Frost-David Lynch project The Goddess, about Marilyn Monroe). After an examination of The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, we pick up where we left off in season two, covering episodes 9 through the beginning of episode 17, with a long pause to analyze the killer's reveal, including a montage accompanied by W.B. Yeats' "The Second Coming," from which this video essay draws its title. Part 2 in its entirety is fifty minutes long but I've also split it into six individual chapters, running between five and eleven minutes each, for easier viewing. Along the way, of course, there are disturbing images and spoilers (although I don't spoil episodes ahead of the ones I'm discussing).

Completing this video took far longer than expected but I am very happy with the result (well, except for my voiceover work which I am, at best, mildly happy with...). I hope you find it informative, absorbing, and thought-provoking. These episodes feature some of the most distinctive and controversial material on the show so I also hope viewers will share their own thoughts below. Part 3, scheduled for November, will cover the rest of the TV episodes with asides to explore the show's mythological influences, distinctive atmosphere, and colorful ensemble. Part 4, scheduled for December, will focus on Fire Walk With MePart 1 - "Harmony of the Dark Woods" examining the well-balanced first season and controversial season two premiere.

Journey Through Twin Peaks follows the jump accompanied by several representative images taken from the video.

You can watch "The Center Cannot Hold" as a full, fifty-minute video (on Vimeo), or break it up into smaller, five-to-eleven-minute chapters (on YouTube).

Here is the full video of Part 2 on Vimeo:

And here are the individual chapters on YouTube (which went up the next day):

Chapter 6 - Who is Laura Palmer? (Laura/Vertigo/The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer)

Chapter 7 - Greenhouses & Red-Curtained Rooms (episodes 9 - 12)

Chapter 8 - The Usual Suspect (episodes 13 & 14)

Chapter 9 - Scene of the Crime (killer's reveal)

Chapter 10 - Collapsing Crescendo (episodes 15 & 16)

Chapter 11 - The Disappearing Family (the wake)


Anonymous said...

wow- the biggest compliment i can give is that this made a fan of 25 years discover new things in this run of shows. You made this episodes seem even better and more epic than they are

Joel Bocko said...

Thanks so much for the very kind words. I hope you enjoy the rest of the video series as well!

Anonymous said...

Very cool and really well made. Looking forward to the next installments.

Joel Bocko said...

Thanks - me too.

Sam Juliano said...

Your usual audacious examination of something that means so much to you. Reminds me of the passionate way you tackled WIND IN THE WILLOWS way back when. Unfortunately, I was never involved with the series much, even though I regard Lynch's film work as visionary. What you have done here is epic and definitive. No fan could claim themselves as the ultimate unless they check in here. Really great stuff!

Joel Bocko said...

Thanks Sam - it does remind me of the approach I took to Wind in the Willows. Similar sort of passion project (and enjoyable research), for sure.

Maybe Lucille will get you into Twin Peaks in 2016! ;)

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