Lost in the Movies: Journey Through Twin Peaks: Part 4 - Laura is the One

Journey Through Twin Peaks: Part 4 - Laura is the One

With this entry, Journey Through Twin Peaks is finally complete. It took over four months and this entry is appearing exactly two months after it was originally scheduled. I had no idea how in-depth this project would be, but it's become a tremendous opportunity for me to use all of the Twin Peaks knowledge and ideas I have been gathering over the past year, to explore new avenues (I knew virtually nothing about Theosophy or Hinduism before I researched them for these videos), and to challenge myself with writing and editing a lengthy video series.

I thought Part 4 would be the easiest because I've already written so much about Fire Walk With Me and besides, it's just a feature film (the last entry covered over a dozen hours of material from the show). Instead this became the longest entry yet and brings the total length of the series to over four hours. This is such a rich work to dig into and doing so has taught me so much more about it. A year ago, as the world of Twin Peaks began to lure me back in I considered Fire Walk With Me a brilliant but messy, flawed masterpiece. Certainly I still see its compromises and complications, but there is a more fundamental unity there than I realized. Most of all, it makes an effective conclusion to the original Twin Peaks cycle and has a spiritual core that I initially missed. Chapter 25, my reading of the train car sequence, is probably my favorite entry in the whole Journey.

Part 4 also covers the impact of Twin Peaks on Lynch's later work, additional entries into the saga (like the Missing Pieces) and looks forward to 2016. After this goes up, I will also be posting dozens of images from "Laura is the One" - usually I combine these with the video posts but there were so many juxtapositions, superimpositions, and quotations in these chapters that I wanted to give them their own space. And tomorrow, hopefully, I will post a complete round-up of the entire Journey Through Twin Peaks in one convenient spot. For now, you can visit the individual posts to watch Part 1 (Harmony of the Dark Woods), Part 2 (The Center Cannot Hold), and Part 3 (The Whole Damned Town).

I hope you like watching these videos as much as I liked making them.

Here are the individual chapters on YouTube. The complete Part 4 will go up on Vimeo as one video tomorrow, and I will promptly update this post to include it.

Chapter 20 - Introducing Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Chapter 21 - 7 Facts About Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me

Chapter 22 - Not-So-Special Agents (the FBI, Teresa Banks, Cooper & the ring)

Chapter 23 - The Spirit World (Deer Meadow, Twin Peaks & Another Place)

Chapter 24 - The Last 7 Days of Laura Palmer

Chapter 25 - She Would Die for Love (the train car)

Chapter 26 - Clues Everywhere (Mark Frost, the Log Lady intros, Booth 9, Between Two Worlds & The Missing Pieces)

Chapter 27 - Opening the Door (David Lynch's later films)

Chapter 28 - Welcome to Twin Peaks (conclusions)

And the full video of Part 4 on Vimeo

Original images from Part 4 collected here.

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