Lost in the Movies: True Detective: the viewing diary (first season)

True Detective: the viewing diary (first season)

This is a directory for the first season only; for all seasons, visit the main directory.

As the viewing diary unfolds, this directory will be updated

Original introduction

Next week I begin my first TV viewing diary for Lost in the Movies, an episode-by-episode reaction to True Detective, the hit HBO series from last spring, starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson as state cops in Louisiana recalling a grisly murder investigation from 1995. I have already composed partial episodes guides for Twin Peaks and Neon Genesis Evangelion (which will pick up again the week after my True Detective series concludes). The difference here is that these are my reactions immediately after watching each episode for the first time. As such I will not be offering in-depth analysis or tying together all the loose ends, but rather responding to my shifting impressions of this world and its characters. As I am not a psychic, the posts will not contain spoilers for upcoming episodes and new viewers are invited to read along as they watch too.

However, the comments section - should readers choose to use it - may be trickier to navigate. I would love to hear from any new viewers as they watch along (either now or on a later occasion) but I also expect that veterans will be discussing plot and character in-depth - a discussion I will probably join myself. So if anyone wants to share their impressions without risking spoilers, email me at movieman0283 at gmail and I will publish your comment with your name, for others to read. Then when you have watched the whole series you can come back and read the larger conversation. But, just to repeat and emphasize, the posts themselves will be completely safe for you to read.

As for the spoiler discussion, let's get started now! Let me know below what you thought about True Detective. I will be somewhat sparing in my responses (after all, I don't want to completely "spoil" my own upcoming posts!) although I've already shared general impressions on Twitter and elsewhere. But I'm really curious to hear what you think.

Other than that, the first episode will go up on Wednesday, April 22, with further episode coverage arriving each Wednesday through June 17, six days before season two begins. See you there.

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