Lost in the Movies: Moments From the Movies: 32 Days of Movies "refreshes" starting today

Moments From the Movies: 32 Days of Movies "refreshes" starting today

Every day through July 2, I will be posting a new collection of film clips on Vimeo, in 32 chronological chapters stretching from the silent era to the digital age.

Three and a half years ago, I launched an ambitious video project called "32 Days of Movies" which collected clips from almost everything in my collection (at the time). The clips lasted 30-45 seconds. They were assembled in roughly chronological order and then divided into 32 chapters (roughly 7-9 minutes each), ending with a song from the particular era those clips belonged to. At the time, unfortunately, I limited myself to Blogger's video program and there were many, many technical limitations and hiccups. Sometimes the video was so pixelated that the screen became unviewable.

I have decided to fix this problem by re-uploading each of the chapters in higher quality on Vimeo. Just for fun I will be restoring them one day at a time. So the journey begins anew today, with Day 1 - "Dance of the Silents." The video follows the jump, along with explanations of how you can follow this series.

For now you can scan upcoming chapters by exploring the links in The Video Gallery (each chapter features an introduction/description to set up the era being covered). You can also see images from the upcoming films, listed alphabetically, in Cinema in Pictures. However, I would not recommend clicking on the images yet - they still lead to the outdated video clips. Better to let the voyage unfold day-by-day as it did the first time.

The best way to keep up will be to check in with my Vimeo page daily. I will not be posting further updates to this blog, but you to follow the series day-to-day through the hashtag #32DaysOfMovies on Twitter (where I tweet as @LostInTheMovies).

For a more in-depth explanation of this exercise, check out the introduction to the series. I hope these clips inspire you to explore the movies themselves, and that once you do you'll share your thoughts here or elsewhere. Let the dance begin...

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