Lost in the Movies: True Detective season 2 viewing diary begins this week

True Detective season 2 viewing diary begins this week

This directory will be updated each Tuesday as a new review goes up for Sunday's episode

Despite regularly blogging, tweeting, and uploading videos (well, maybe not so regularly with the videos, but I'm working on it!), the truth is that I'm technologically backward. Because I don't have cable, couldn't access HBONow on my computer, and refused to resort to my phone's screen, I did not think I would be able to watch True Detective's second season until it hit DVD. But over the past week, as I listened to an old podcast on season one, noticed that some of my favorite podcasters were launching new podcast on the show, and attempted to tune out any spoiler-y buzz about the new season, I finally caved. Where there's a will there's a way, and so I have begun watching True Detective in less-than-optimal conditions (still not on my phone though!). Tomorrow I will post my reaction to the first episode, already written, and on Tuesday I will review tonight's episode. From then on, every Tuesday - sandwiched between a random Monday post and Wednesday's Neon Genesis Evangelion series - I will be reviewing a True Detective episode from two days earlier.

There have already been rumbles of discontent about the direction of the new season but I'll save my own reflections until tomorrow. For now, I really look forward to watching True Detective this way, even if the series itself ends up being disappointing. I haven't viewed a show while it aired since Lost (which I never finished) so it will be interesting to partake in the conversation as it unfolds, and offer my own humble contributions on this blog. Hopefully you'll share your own comments, questions, and answers below. I'd also like to recommend the True Detective Weekly podcast and forum by the folks who fostered such a great community around their Twin Peaks Rewatch, which just concluded. If nothing else, this will be a great dry run for Twin Peaks next year as I attempt to gather my thoughts and filter in, and out, other opinions in real time. Can't wait!

Meanwhile, if you want to read my thoughts on True Detective season 1 (which I watched on DVD this spring) check out my recently-completed viewing diary. See you tomorrow...

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