Lost in the Movies: Lost in the Movies for 7 Days: a status update for the coming week...and year

Lost in the Movies for 7 Days: a status update for the coming week...and year

I celebrated 7 years of blogging exactly a month ago, and with that flimsy excuse, I am here to announce 7 straight days of new posts starting today with this intro and concluding with an entry that also centers on the number 7. Next week Lost in the Movies will settle into a very long-term 3-day weekly schedule: random (mostly video) Mondays, TV viewing diary Wednesdays, Favorites series Fridays. The only exception will be if I decide to review a second series in addition to the one being covered on Wednesdays (like how I recently wrote about True Detective on Tuesdays). In addition to filling every day, this week will also open and close several ongoing ventures.

Here's what in store through August 22 (updated with links to the completed posts):

Monday, August 17: Coming Up on YouTube (video)

Starting next Monday, and every two weeks after that, I plan to post a new video on YouTube. Tomorrow I am sharing a video introducing the new format for this channel, as well as showing clips from recent work for Vimeo and/or Fandor.

Tuesday, August 18: True Detective season 1 & 2 conclusions

Following my viewing diary for season 2, I want to reflect on the strengths and flaws of both seasons to put the show so far into perspective. The critical pile-on has been understandable but misses some important points.
Wednesday, August 19: Neon Genesis Evangelion episode 15

My episode guide continues with a chapter that doesn't have any big Angel battle, but is one of my favorites of the entire series. For me, this is where things start to get really interesting and Bob and I will discuss it (he's not as big a fan of this one). Plus, Murderous Ink returns to offer his perspective after a 2-week absence.

Thursday, August 20: Interview w/ me on Twin Peaks Unwrapped

This month's obligatory Twin Peaks post is actually a guest spot on someone else's coverage. Bryon and Ben, the hosts of the Twin Peaks Unwrapped podcast, invited me to discuss my Journey Through Twin Peaks videos as well as the first season of the show (Bryon just finished it for the first time). I also have an upcoming guest post about my videos on the fan site Welcome to Twin Peaks and if that's up I will share it on Thursday too.

Friday, August 21: Favorites series returns w/ All the President's Men

It's back! Two and half years after its unceremonious pause I am finally renewing my Favorites series with an entry on this thriller classic. From now on the series will continue every Friday.
 Saturday, August 22: 7 Rooms montage (video)

In one of my more random posts, I will upload an old montage for an unmade film to Vimeo. I created this as a personal guide to the themes and aesthetic of a convoluted, ultimately unmade project. While I never ended up using it, I like some of the juxtapositions in this montage of films, locations, music, and images.

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