Lost in the Movies: The Twin Peaks Unwrapped Interview (podcast discussing the first season & my video series)

The Twin Peaks Unwrapped Interview (podcast discussing the first season & my video series)

Every month, I will be offering at least one post on Twin Peaks...up until Showtime re-airs the original series. Then I will post extensive coverage of each episode (mixing new reactions with my many older pieces) immediately after they air. Stay tuned.

Within the past year, podcast after podcast has sprouted up to discuss Twin Peaks. Some, like Fire Talk With Me, are "introcasts" exploring each episode spoiler-free with someone who doesn't know what's coming up. Others, like Sparkwood & 21, analyze the series in-depth for the veteran viewers without worrying about giving away plot twists. Still others, like Twin Peaks Rewatch, mix the formats by following an episode-specific discussion with a short spoiler section at the end to look at the big picture. Meanwhile, the original Twin Peaks Podcast, which concluded several years ago (at a time when it could, remarkably, take that title because there were no other podcasts on the subject!), has been offering stray episodes with various Peaks commentators sharing anecdotes and insights into the show - and during their original run they also sported numerous guest hosts and interview subjects (including co-creator Mark Frost and beloved actress Kimmy Robertson).

Twin Peaks Unwrapped offers several of these approaches simultaneously. One host, Bryan Kozaczka, is new to the show (and struggling not to jump ahead, though fortunately he has avoided spoilers for the central mystery). The other, Ben Durant, has been watching Twin Peaks since it first aired in 1990 and guides his co-host through this universe with passion and expertise. The podcast also incorporates details gleaned from records of the show's ratings and interviews from the old-school fanzine Wrapped in Plastic...whose publisher, John Thorne, will be interviewed in an upcoming episode. Indeed, in addition to episode-by-episode coverage the podcast has already paused to interview many Twin Peaks personalities, including Reflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks author Brad Dukes, Welcome to Twin Peaks curator Pieter Dom, and the Log Lady herself, Catherine Coulson.

I was quite honored to join this august company when Ben and Bryon invited me on to discuss the first season as well as my own video series, Journey Through Twin Peaks. The resulting interview runs ninety minutes and covers the genesis of my videos, anecdotes about where Lynch and Frost were coming from, the strengths of Frost's vision in the first season, the early episodes of the second season, the various supernatural possibilities of Bob and the owls, Bryon's speculations about who killed Laura Palmer, and more:


Elisabeth Zguta, Author said...

Good podcast. It's nice to hear your talking points. I watched all episodes at least six times and each new round, there's something new to notice. Great series - disturbing suspense of everyday life interrupted.

Joel Bocko said...

Very true. When I finished a long analysis of the series in the spring, I thought I'd take a break but I keep coming back to it and finding new things! And I expect after watching the new series in 2017, we'll see many of these episodes in a whole new light as well. Thanks for listening.

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