Lost in the Movies: Tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down... (status update)

Tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down... (status update)

As summer rolls to an end I find myself in the awkward position of having numerous upcoming posts in the works, but none ready for today. A couple are still awaiting publication in other venues, including a guest post on Welcome to Twin Peaks (discussing my Journey videos) and a YouTube posting of my video collaboration with fellow essayist Covadonga G. Lahere on Jacques Rivette's Out 1. I am also working on a new video for Fandor, and after that will be preparing more videos both for Fandor and for my new YouTube/Vimeo series (next up, a side-by-side analysis of how Twin Peaks and Neon Genesis Evangelion take their viewers for their respective wild rides). I will also be speaking with the Twin Peaks Unwrapped podcast again soon, this time about the killer's reveal, and that episode will probably go up in early November, when they've finished their coverage of the early second season. And of course, my Neon Genesis Evangelion episode guide and Favorites series (which resumed two weeks ago) are written ahead of time and waiting in my backlog to go up as usual on Wednesdays and Fridays, respectively. So there's a lot on the table, but nothing ready at the moment for my weekly Monday post.

Luckily, the timing is perfect for a status update. In the past week, I finally joined Tumblr - something I've been considering since 2013, but never got around to. The image-heavy rotation is perfect for me, and I've been using the new site to re-share images and videos I've posted in the past, offer new screen-caps or random stills that catch my eye in the present (either from my own selection or by reblogging other Tumblrs), and keep track of my work elsewhere, always with an eye-catching image. I've found it to be a lot of fun, and more than a little addictive, and I hope you'll follow me on there too. It's a great way to both keep track of my work and immerse yourself in my favorite "dancing images" - as this very blog used to be called when it was born in Ye Olde Internet of 2008. Speaking of which, Wonders in the Dark just celebrated their own 7th anniversary and 3,000th post - so hop over and wish them well. As Sam mentioned, and I discussed in the comments, traditional blogs are no longer the hot spots they once were with forms like Facebook, Twitter, and yes, Tumblr, taking over. But blogs still remain the best venue for in-depth commentary and for keeping track of the activity scattered over many different ventures. As such, I think the most active, engaging, and diligent ones will be around for a while yet.

Finally, in other good news about other sites, platforms, and venues, my video 7 Facts About Fire Walk With Me has officially become my most popular creation online (also my video She Would Die for Love, chapter 25 in the Journey series, is now available in Canada, where it was previously blocked). About ten days ago 7 Facts hit 16,500 views, surpassing my top blog posts (most of which had much longer than 7 Facts' nine months to amass their views). And since then it's already amassed close to another 1,000 views. These may not be rock star numbers by others' standards, but I'm extremely grateful for them. Some of my favorite posts or videos have struggled to reach even miniscule audiences, and I'm proud of those too, but if I had to select one work to be my flagship, it would probably this video - created to communicate context and appreciation for an underappreciated film which has only begun to get its due in recent years. If you haven't watched it yet, here's Lost in the Movies' #1 work, 7 Facts About Fire Walk With Me (spoilers, obviously):

Thanks for reading, sharing, watching, and otherwise interacting with my work, and here's to a busy autumn.

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