Lost in the Movies: Idylls of the King ("Cinepoem" video)

Idylls of the King ("Cinepoem" video)

Wednesday update: the video is up! The Vimeo upload & original message follow the jump.

Original message:
Continuing the tradition of the last few videos, the kickoff my third YouTube series - "Cinepoems" (in this case images from various films matched with lines from Alfred Lord Tennyson's Idylls of the King) is delayed. However, it should be up later today and won't be delayed nearly as long as the last video was. Speaking of which, if you haven't yet watched my "Side by Side" video on Twin Peaks and Neon Genesis Evangelion, it premiered on Thursday and has received very positive feedback so far. Check it out! Also to hold you over until the next video is ready (at which point this post will be updated, so watch this space) on Friday I created a meme for Tumblr about the creators of Laura Palmer, which you might find interesting.

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