Lost in the Movies: Labor Day status update

Labor Day status update

Another week, another status update! I had hoped to have my first "Side by Side" video, covering the interesting similarities and differences between Neon Genesis Evangelion and Twin Peaks up today (this was previewed at the end of my last YouTube video). However, by yesterday afternoon I could tell it wasn't going to be ready in time and rather than rush it I decided to delay it for a week. I also wasn't able to create a new post in time, even though (just as with last week) I have several waiting in the wings. In fact within a few weeks I will probably have a queue of relevant posts waiting to get published, all of which will have to patiently wait their turns! But here we are today, empty-handed.

The past few weeks have been somewhat tiring even when they weren't busy (perhaps because the weeks before were busy, and rather stressful). Indeed this whole year has been a classic "best of times, worst of times" scenario. On the one hand, my online work - led by the Journey Through Twin Peaks series - has never received a more healthy, positive response (even to the point where I was able to receive compensation for my work for the first time in years, and more reasonably than ever before). On the other, my offline life has, if anything, regressed. Many non-online work opportunities evaporated, I'm having to re-figure out my future in my early thirties, and the past couple months have been stressful as extended family members and family friends struggle with health issues.

Normally, I wouldn't bother to mention that stuff on here but with the second status update in a couple weeks, maybe it's worth noting. Anyway, I'm really gratified for all the appreciation readers and viewers have offered for my work - sometimes it seems that when things in the real world are going poorly, the virtual world swims up to make me feel better. And anyway, who's to say what's real and virtual anymore?! Thank you for the views, likes, and comments, and I promise next Monday I'll be back in action (and of course, the usual Evangelion and "Favorites" series posts will go up this week on Wednesday and Friday).

In the meantime, I've placed a temporary announcement on my YouTube channel that will go up within the hour (stay tuned). You can also read an interesting discussion I had, about Twin Peaks as an anime show, on Tumblr. And there's lots of other stuff ready to swoop in and fill up this blank spot as well: a collaborative video on Jacques Rivette's Out 1, a video examining two time periods side-by-side in Louis Malle's documentary God's Country, a guest post on Welcome to Twin Peaks describing my Journey videos, and of course numerous daily visual updates and cool reblogs on my new Tumblr. Until then, I plan to enjoy a fun, relaxing Labor Day and hope you do as well.

Here's the video announcement (I decided to keep it up rather than make it temporary):

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