Lost in the Movies: The Creators of Laura Palmer (+ a status update)

The Creators of Laura Palmer (+ a status update)

Every month, I will be offering at least one post on Twin Peaks...up until Showtime re-airs the original series. Then I will post extensive coverage of each episode (mixing new reactions with my many older pieces) immediately after they air. Stay tuned.

I thought this would be a good week to fully share the graphic I made a month ago for Tumblr and Twitter, a photoset of images and text outlining the various creators of the character of Laura Palmer for Twin Peaks, and what we know they contributed (click on the images for large, hi-res versions). If you want to share these images as well, I've also included various compilations (2 sets of 4, 1 set of 8) for easy sharing (if you only share some and not all of the individual creator images, please include the above picture with my name and site, or provide credit some other way - thanks!). Incidentally, I've also uploaded an image from my Side by Side video comparing Neon Genesis Evangelion and Twin Peaks, but I'll link it here rather than display it since it doesn't quite fit this image template!

This would also be a good opportunity to offer a brief status update since the past month or two has been chaotic, with some ongoing projects and incomplete videos that finished only after I announced them here - there have been a lot of October posts that were updated days or even weeks after they were posted. First of all, last night I finished my out-of-order rewatch of Twin Peaks. It was a fun and illuminating process and I would love to hear anyone else's ranking of favorite episodes! If you want to share or read the reviews individually, you can check out the Tumblr tag. I will also probably be re-sharing them a day at a time on Twitter in November.

The posts for my last three videos for YouTube, as well as my last video for Fandor, all went up before the videos themselves were ready, as placeholders/announcements. I have linked the Side-by-Side video above; additionally here are Idylls of the King (Cinepoem), Symphony of the Devils (Montage), and - just in time for October 21's Back to the Future Day last week, Welcome to Hill Valley, a video tribute to the time-travel classic. I believe that now I'm in a position where all of my YouTube videos can go up right on schedule (as last week's 5 from Fandor teaser did) but I've been wrong about that before so we'll see.

Finally, a word on upcoming posts. I have a lot of completed material awaiting publication here or elsewhere this fall. First, there is the Out 1 video essay collaboration I created with Covadonga G. Lahera this summer, which will eventually be shared alongside several other new entries, concluding the Melbourne International Film Festival's video project that began last year in anticipation of the upcoming Jacques Rivette boxset. There is also a guest post I wrote for Welcome to Twin Peaks, chronicling the creation and purpose behind my Journey Through Twin Peaks videos, which has been put on hold (likely because of the exciting spate of news from the Twin Peaks set) but will hopefully see the light of day at some point.

Meanwhile, I have participated in two more interviews on the Twin Peaks Unwrapped podcast - a guest spot to discuss the killer's reveal (it should be posted some time in November, after their coverage of episode 16), and a short appearance to discuss Mulholland Drive in light of the forthcoming Criterion Collection release. I have also been invited to talk on the Sparkwood & 21 podcast, along with other long-time providers of listener feedback, so keep your ears tuned for that.

With all that in the pipeline, I still didn't have anything ready for today! So this Monday let me share one of my favorite posts that hasn't yet popped up here, "The Creators of Laura Palmer"...

Here are the images grouped together and split into two pages...:

...and everything in a single image:

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