Lost in the Movies: Twin Peaks Unwrapped: discussing the Killer's Reveal

Twin Peaks Unwrapped: discussing the Killer's Reveal

Every month, I will be offering at least one post on Twin Peaks...up until Showtime re-airs the original series. Then I will post extensive coverage of each episode (mixing new reactions with my many older pieces) immediately after they air. Stay tuned.

Last week, Twin Peaks Unwrapped hosted me again, this time to talk about the big reveal of Laura's killer. They had already covered the episodes in which this reveal takes place, so this time the discussion was entirely focused on the implications, the build-up, and various interpretations of the revelation. Ben has watched the show for years, for Bryon it was the first time. It goes without saying, but don't listen to this episode unless you've watched Twin Peaks (at least up to episode 16).

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