Lost in the Movies: Honoring Twin Peaks Day tomorrow with Twin Peaks Unwrapped

Honoring Twin Peaks Day tomorrow with Twin Peaks Unwrapped

Look closely at that chair to see David Lynch (w/ headphones) caught in the reflection!

Every month, I will be offering at least one post on Twin Peaks...up until Showtime re-airs the original series. Then I will post extensive coverage of each episode (mixing new reactions with my many older pieces) immediately after they air. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: The episode is up!

Original message

Late tonight or early tomorrow, Ben and Bryon of the Twin Peaks Unwrapped podcast will be posting their latest episode: a special honoring "Twin Peaks Day" (since February 24, 1989 is the day the pilot episode takes place on). I will be one of their guests, along with many other fans and commentators sharing what Twin Peaks means to them and why it remains relevant. I will share the program here as soon as it's available. (I'll also be appearing on Twin Peaks Unwrapped again in about a month, for a much longer discussion on the mid-season two episodes.)

Meanwhile, my long-delayed Side by Side video analysis of The Killing and The Asphalt Jungle finally made its debut this weekend. My third Cinepoem video, one of my more abstract works (an interpretation of a Rimbaud poem) will upload later today and I'm also hoping to have my Montage video - which was originally scheduled for a few days ago to go up on Thursday. It relates to the upcoming Academy Awards so I want to have it ready soon.

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