Lost in the Movies: Status update, 2/29

Status update, 2/29

I'm usually a stickler about posting something Monday mornings, 7am. Today I held off because I thought I had a visual tribute that would be ready later on. Well, now it's a few minutes before midnight and it still isn't ready - so it'll go up another week, I guess. A pity as I was rushing this weekend to get certain elements together, but at least it's mostly done. In fact, the work on the visual tribute gave me ideas for a video, which you may actually end up seeing before the image post that inspired it.

Meanwhile, I'd like to point you to my recent Oscar-related video which, to my disappointment, didn't get much traction although I thought it was pretty good and its message - support for the Honorary Awards that the broadcast has dropped - is something I very much wanted to share. I suppose it isn't as relevant the day after the ceremony, but I still hope people will check it out. Especially since the Vimeo upload, which for some reason is noticeably higher quality video than the YouTube, received zero (!!) views over the entire weekend despite numerous tweets. Oh well...

Last week was pretty busy between video essays, podcast appearances, and the usual series entries (for The Prisoner and the Favorites - covering Rear Window this time) and in this intro for my "Oscar Blues" video I provided links to most of my my recent activity. March will also be very busy: for one thing I'm hoping to start posting more on Fandor Keyframe including, perhaps, the video inspired by my work today. It's disappointing I couldn't have this visual tribute ready today but I think I'm forging the path ahead to finally build up my backlog, so that things like this don't happen again (meanwhile, I will be posting less frequently on Tumblr, as I announced today).

It's easy to announce such plans and then discover afterwards that I fell short of the goal. This has happened to me - on this blog, no less - more times than I care to admit. So I'll shut up and hopefully put up for the rest of March. Here's to a new month.

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